Coating Repairs

Sea Sky Ltd’s Blasting and Painting services are highly preferred – offering a balance between cost and quality of services for completing projects to the world’s highest.

Coating repairs during the operation of the vessel have proven to be very reliable and time-saving method.

Blasting and Painting Division provides top services for any project in the Marine; Ship Repair; Offshore and Industrial sector.

  • De-scaling of steel, corrosion control grit blasting to required sweeping, SA1; SA2, Hydro Blasting from 1000 bar up to 2800 bar,
  • Slurry blasting, Mechanical de-scale, hand scraping;
  • Steel work preparation for coating from St1 to St2/St3;
  • Scaffolding erection and dismantling;
  • Engine room cleaning and painting;
  • Simple mucking out of double bottom tanks / cargo tanks;
  • Blasting and coating of decks/superstructures, ballast tanks, cargo tanks and storage tanks hatch coamings, hatch covers, pipelines;
  • Application of paints & linings;
  • Attendance for blasting/coating repairs during dry dock.